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      Enterprise Solutions

      Unparalleled Laboratory Services

      Unity Lab Services provides a single source for integrated lab service, support and supply management. Our customized service offerings and world-class service experts have the flexibility and experience to uniquely address your laboratory's business needs.

      Complete solution design and implementation for seamless laboratory service and support management with one partner.

      Laboratory Consulting Services »

      Access our expertise to effectively address laboratory challenges faced today and into the future.

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      Asset Management Services »

      Our experienced team can streamline the maintenance of your scientific instruments and lab equipment into one integrated solution that drives efficiencies, increases uptime and decreases costs.

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      Supply Management Services »

      Proven solutions for managing the procurement, movement and inventory of laboratory supplies to streamline processes, increase resource availability and reduce inventory management costs.

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      Scientific Support Services »

      We offer a wide range of support staffing services to help you maximize your resources for optimal lab productivity.

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