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    4. Scientific Support Services

      Unity Lab Services understands your business, and offers a wide range of support services to help you maximize resources for optimal productivity. We have the flexibility and expertise to provide a wide range of products, programs and services to meet your unique needs.

      Outsource the following non-core activities to Unity Lab Services to decrease costs, save time and increase productivity:

      • Glassware Washing and Management: From collection to cleaning and sterilization, we follow industry best practices and manage the entire operation. We provide these services in a timely, uninterrupted process, assuring researchers a continual supply of clean lab glass. Learn more about Glassware Washing and Management services ?
      • Media Preparation Services: Our team prepares media per your specifications in a cost-effective manner, and in compliance with all QC/QA standards.
      • Reusable Garment Management: We seamlessly collect worn garments, deliver them to a third-party laundry service and return them to employees' lockers or numbered hanger.
      • Gas Cylinder Management: Unity Lab Services effectively manages and tracks gas cylinders, and ensures a ready supply and efficient return of empties.
      • Office Supplies Management: Unity Lab Services seamlessly manages your office supplies as part of your overall lab supplies management.
      • Customized Supplies Management: Unity Lab Services efficiently manages other consumables critical to your operations such as dry ice, deionized water and liquid nitrogen.
      • Safety Training: Unity Lab Services provides online or on-site training for a variety of services, usually relating to safety, such as hazardous communications.

      Scientific Support provides a range of services to support your lab including:

      • Media Preparation
      • Glassware Washing and Management
      • Gas Cylinder Management
      • Garment Management