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    4. Supply Management Services

      Streamline your Supply Management Processes

      Effective supply management involves creating an optimal balance between the need to optimize researcher productivity, and the requirement to minimize expenses related to the procurement, movement and inventory of supplies. Our Supply Management Services streamline processes and increase resource availability.

      Benefits of Working with Unity Lab Services:

      Increase Researcher Productivity

      • Improve supply mix and availability
      • Reduce wait times
      • Decrease time needed to manage supplies

      Reduce Purchasing Costs

      • Lower administration costs
      • Reduce product costs

      Lower Inventory Management Costs

      • Reduce space requirements
      • Lower inventory costs
      • Decrease loss and damage costs
      • Improve cost accounting
      • Streamline chemical management costs

      Improve Regulatory Compliance and Safety

      • Efficiently comply with regulations
      • Improve reporting processes and access to information

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      Supply Management is an end-to-end solution to manage resources and streamline processes and includes:

      • Order Management
      • Dock Management
      • Inventory Management
      • Chemical Management
      • Hazardous Waste Management
      • E-Business Services