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    4. Multi-Vendor Services

      Unparalleled Multi-Vendor Services – One Solution, Regardless of Vendor

      Leverage our Proven Service and Support Programs for all Instruments, Equipment and Laboratory Supplies, Regardless of Vendor

      Unity Lab Services employs more than 1,500 fully-trained Engineers who deliver direct support on more than 500 manufacturers and 10,000 types of instruments and equipment.

      Premier Training Generates Excellent Service – Regardless of Manufacturer

      Our rigorous multi-vendor service Training, Mentoring and Certification (TMC) program requires certification through direct hands-on training using original equipment from leading manufacturers. Consolidating multiple vendors and leveraging Unity Lab Services multi-vendor capabilities reduces the amount of time required for vendor management without compromising the quality of service.

      Find out today why Unity Lab Services is the trusted service provider for all instruments regardless of manufacturer.

      Comprehensive service and support programs for all instruments and supplies regardless of manufacturer.