Scientific instrument service plans designed to meet your unique needs

The unique focus of each laboratory creates the need for a comprehensive portfolio to expertly address varied service needs. Unity? Lab Services instrument service plans get you up and running faster, with 50% faster response times and 30% less downtime compared to customers without a service plan.

In addition to faster service and reduced downtime, service plan customers have exclusive access to Enhanced Technical Support, which uses Digital Remote Support tools that enable more than 35% remote resolution of issues to get you up and running faster. For repairs requiring on-site corrective services, we offer varied response targets to meet your needs as well as an industry-exclusive requalification (RQ) benefit for service plan customers. Finally, ensuring you receive annual preventive maintenance for all plans helps increase instrument uptime and gives you confidence your instrument is running according to specifications.

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The Unity Lab Services Advantage — superior quality service to get you up and running faster

The following scientific instrument service plans are available for mass spectrometry, chromatography, trace elemental, molecular spectroscopy, sample preparation, and discrete industrial analyzer instruments.

Specifications Critical service plan Essential service plan & extended warranty Tech Direct service plan Compare to support without a service plan
On-site corrective services
Priority on-site response time target 2 business days 3 business days 5 business days No priority response
On-site corrective maintenance (includes factory-certified parts, labor and travel) ? ? 10% discount Full charges apply
Repair during qualification services ? ? 10% discount Full charges apply
Replacements of malfunctioning computers purchased from Thermo Fisher Scientific and required for operation of the instrument ? ? 10% discount Full charges apply
Industry-exclusive requalification (RQ) benefit during repair visit if OQ was added to service plan Free of charge Free of charge 10% discount Full charges apply
Preventive maintenance services
Pre-scheduled, on-site preventive maintenance (PM) and PM parts kit (1/system/year) ? ? ? Full charges apply
Software and firmware updates during preventative maintenance and repair visits, upon request ? ? ? Full charges apply
Remote diagnostic and corrective services
Priority remote diagnosis and repair, when possible ? ? ? Not available
Unlimited access to remote support engineers through our latest digital and augmented reality tools ? ? ? Not available
Value-added services
Priority status technical support with targeted immediate phone response ? ? ? Not available
10% training discount (where available), upon request ? ? ? Not available
Premium subscription to Unity Lab Services online knowledge bases ? ? ? Not available
Incidental parts, accessories, and consumables ? 10% discount   Not available
Instrument relocation services ?     Full charges apply
95% instrument uptime guarantee ?     Full charges apply
Designated account manager ?     Not available
Technical reviews ?     Not available
Optional services available for purchase
Operational qualification (OQ) ?
(Includes RQ)
(Includes RQ)
(Discounted RQ)
Full charges apply
Additional preventive maintenance (PM) ?
Full charges apply