Preventive Maintenance Services:
Preserving Uptime, Strengthening Results

In your work, results depend on uptime, pure and simple. Ensure your best outcomes by maintaining high quality instrument performance with regularly scheduled, preventive maintenance from Unity Lab Services.

Included as an entitlement in most Unity Lab Services support plans, regular preventive maintenance on an instrument can proactively identify and resolve issues before they negatively impact performance. This assures the accuracy of your analytical results and affords a higher probability that operational qualifications will pass the required specifications

Preventive Maintenance Procedures

Onsite preventive maintenance services promote confidence in instrument uptime, performance, and longevity. During your preventive maintenance visit, factory-trained and qualified service engineers perform a standard set of procedures intended to ensure instrument performance is at or near the same levels achieved upon installation. While instrument models and applications can vary, such procedures may include overall inspection and clean up of equipment and parts, replacement of wear-and-tear parts, and tuning, among others.

Regular preventive maintenance on instruments can provide proactive detection and resolution of problems before they turn into downtime.

Preventive Maintenance Entitlements and Service Options

Because we know it’s so beneficial toward optimal operation and uptime, Unity Lab Services offers an annual preventive maintenance visit in most of its support plans, including those listed below.

  • Critical Support Plan
  • Unity Extended Warranty
  • Essential Support Plan
  • Limited Support Plan
  • Proactive Plan

Additional preventive maintenance visits can be added to existing support plan contracts or purchased independently to best meet your unique service needs. Here’s what’s included in your preventive maintenance support plan:

  • One annual onsite preventive maintenance visit by a factory-trained and qualified field engineer (including labor and travel)
  • Parts kits required to execute the preventive maintenance procedures. Additional parts may be purchased within existing support plans at a 10% discount
  • Updates for firmware or software
  • Service history tracking
  • Technical reviews

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